Hiii :) Welcome to the story of the best and worst 18 months of my life. I created this timeline to share with you every monumental moment that has happened since January 2020. I want to be transparent with you about what it’s been like navigating a career as a female artist/songwriter in the music industry, all while processing heartbreak, grief, change, and growth - so here I am!
Welcome to my interactive timeline.

fan art 1

fan art created by Grace King

January 18th 2020

I writeSad Sad Sad with Matteo Scher and Florio

writing sad sad sad

June 14th 2020

Screaming Underwater
voice memo

fan art 2

fan art created by Grace King

June 24th 2020

My partner and I break up

breakup carousel cover

June 30th 2020

Retail Therapy
original voice memo

July 1st 2020

Retail Therapy
voice memo revised

fan art 3

fan art created by Grace King

August 14th 2020

Never The 1 voice memo

September 1st 2020

Last semester at Berklee in Boston

graduating berklee

September 5th 2020

All my favorite songs voice memo

September 8th 2020

I talk to my mom
about feeling discouraged,
ready to give up music

ROSIE cries to mom on text messages

September 13th 2020

I post my “day five” Tik Tok from my challenge of “posting my music till it gets some love”

September 25th 2020

I produceNever The 1 with producer Ryan Marrone

October 4th 2020

Idk you at all voice memo

fan art 4

fan art created by Grace King

October 17th 2020

I write 100 Headaches in the kitchen while Matteo
makes onion rings

October 22nd 2020

I sign to Arista Records

arista signing carousel cover

October 30th 2020

I release Never The 1 on all major platforms plus the Never The 1 official lyric video

November 1st 2020

I do my friends' homework two days after releasing my first single under a major label, while still a part-time student at Berklee

November 21st 2020

Never the 1 music video
shoot attempt #1
(became 100 Headaches footage)

December 11th 2020

I shoot the Never The 1 official music and move out of
Boston the same day

December 17th 2020

Never the 1 official music video drops

January 25th 2021

lots of livestreaming

first livestream!

February 3rd 2021

First Rosebud Meeting

first rosebuds meeting

February 12th 2021

Retail Therapy release

February 25th 2021

I go viral on TikTok again

March 11th 2021

I sign with Warner Chappell
for publishing

warner chappell signing carousel cover

March 19th 2021

ilym (feat. ROSIE) on Spotify

April 1st 2021

moving to Brooklyn

ROSIE moving to Brooklyn
playlist covers carousel cover

April 23rd 2021

100 Headaches released
cover of Feeling Blue

May 9th 2021

back in LA

ROSIE back in LA

May 14th 2021

first day with Noah Conrad

May 17th 2021

Sad Sad Sad with Andrew Wells

July 9th 2021

to get over you on Spotify

July 23rd 2021

Sad Sad Sad video shoot
behind the scenes

August 13th 2021

Sad Sad Sad official music
video comes out

September 10th 2021

Social Stamina comes out